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kristian inker

Joining The Ranks: Kris Inker

Hello! My name is Kristian and I am Zest’s new digital account manager. I am a recent graduate from University, studying a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies specialising in Project Management from Bournemouth University. My main interests include music, sport and photography. I have played as lead guitarists in many loud metal bands, competed…

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The Obstacle Is The Way

3 Traits To Overcome Your Obstacle: Perspective, Process, and Focus

A friend recently recommended a book to me, which I read whilst taking a much-needed break. We’ve been real busy here at Zest, but there is always an opportunity to learn! The book is titled, ‘The Obstacle is the Way’ by Ryan Holiday, and is about the ‘ancient art of turning adversity to advantage’, or…

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Olympics Advertising

Olympic Advertising: 5 Weird London Games Campaigns

By Todd Giles, Zest Work Experience The Olympic Games are the world’s biggest and greatest sporting event. A variety of sports are performed throughout the Olympic Games, both in the summer and winter. Thousands of athletes from all over the globe travel around the world and put in years of training to compete. Due to…

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content marketing show 2014

22 Takeaways From The Content Marketing Show (2014)

  A Roundup Of The Content Marketing Show 2014 As always, this year’s Content Marketing Show was insightful and enjoyable for the digital marketers that attended. Many great presentations were held across the day, with this year’s speakers including: Stephen Waddington – @wadds Nichola Stott – @NicholaStott Andrew Davies – @andjdavies Chelsea Blacker – @ChelseaBlacker…

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Worst World Cup Advertising

World Cup Madness: The Worst Adverts of 2014

By Matt Goolding Football is no stranger to money, that’s for sure. Endless product placement and sponsorship bombards us from every angle, whether it be the World Cup, Premier League, or even Brian the builder sponsoring your pub team’s burger van. When a colossal event such as the World Cup captures the attention of billions…

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Psychology of marketing

Psychology & Marketing: Six Compelling Theories

By Xander Kynoch, Zest Work Experience When it comes to marketing your products and services, there are hundreds of little tips and tricks you can use to optimise the conversion rate of your website. From using different font colours to managing the strategic placement of images and buttons, there are many ways in which you…

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oxfordshire business awards 2014

Oxfordshire Business Awards 2014

  A Recap of The Night On Friday evening, Team Zest headed over to the Four Pillars Hotel in Sandford-on-Thames to attend the 2014 Oxfordshire Business Awards. Alex Quail and Alex Minchin previously attended 2012’s Business Awards as guests of a client, but for the rest of the Zestees, this was their first company awards…

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facebook down

Facebook Goes Down: 20 Minute Outage Costs $276,000

Earlier this morning, Facebook went down. According to our watches, the site was no longer accessible from 08:57am (GMT+1 Time Zone).     The servers were back online 20 minutes later. This brief outage will have cost the social network large sums of revenue due to lost advertiser earnings.   How Much Money Did Facebook…

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Fashion Masterclass London

The Social Fashion & Luxury Masterclass: A Review By Natalie Doel

It’s important to stay in touch with the latest digital innovations across various industries, and this Masterclass in London was dedicated to how fashion brands have embraced online tools to further improve their marketing performance. Although primarily focused on fashion, many of these principles can be applied to other industries. This masterclass was mainly about…

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20 Awesome Growth Hacks To Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Side

20 Awesome Growth Hacking Examples – What Do They Have In Common?

I’m an avid reader of geeky, entrepreneurial things. For some reason I’ve never really connected with fiction due, perhaps, to finding the wait too long to handle. I love movies, but that’s because they’re over in a few short hours. I now know enough about myself to understand that it’s the impatient part of me that…

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