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Re-Purposing Content to Maximise Brand Reach

Avoiding Content-Churn In the past, the digital marketing industry has been guilty of “content churn”. This is the creation of articles and blog posts en masse, designed to increase website footprints and inbound links, without delivering any real value to the website visitor/reader. Creating hundreds of articles to influence search engine rankings has some inherent…

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Productivity Hack

System Hacks To Save Time & Boost Productivity

One crucial ingredient necessary for developing a successful business is the systems that are followed. Without systems in place, you effectively have chaos. The problem with developing systems is that they involve administrative ‘checkpoints’ that reduces the effectiveness of a team. These are necessary to maintain order and leads on to the simple question of:…

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Rightmove Marketing

Murky Marketing For Viral Success: Rightmove

The Interesting World of Viral Content Something caught my attention whilst aimlessly flicking through Facebook one sunny February morning. I suddenly became a mind-drifter, spinning through the vortex of conspiracy theory, searching for the answer to a question that probably doesn’t mean much at all. Are we talking UFO sightings, MI5, or grassy knolls? Nope.…

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Systems Integration: No Technical Expertise Required, Just Some Useful API Tools

Why do we integrate at Zest? Because we have way more fun working on our clients. So, for that reason, if we find a repetitive task, we find a way to reduce the amount of time we spend on it, so that we can re-invest that time back into our clients digital marketing campaigns. We…

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Facebook Social Media Analysis

WhatsAppenin’ at Facebook HQ?

Facebook Buys WhatsApp For $19 bn Today Facebook announced that they would be buying WhatsApp for $19 bn. The service was founded in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, it is more popular than Twitter, is currently valued at approximately $30 bn and in the past nine months its monthly users has doubled to…

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Nyan Cat

Social Boycotts, Imgurians & Organic Online Communities

Social media involves sites and tools that offer a platform for your business to be acknowledged, whereas social networking is the way you engage with various social media communities. However, what do you do when social media refuses to offer that platform and is reluctant to engage? The core social brands such as Facebook and…

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Digital Marketing Agency

9 Free Tools to Keep You Digitally Organised in 2014

With technology holding more and more importance in our lives it only makes sense that we put down our notepads and diaries and pick up our tablets and laptops when it comes to keeping organised in 2014. These free online tools will help make your life that little bit easier as you plan your way…

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Automate Social Media

The Ultimate Social Curation Recipe

As a digital marketing executive, I’m always looking for ways to streamline and improve the efficiency of a daily process. There is an art, it would seem, to cutting corners. Social media curation is one of the many chores tasks I am faced with every day, and after a significant amount of reading and testing,…

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social media

Social Media: Becoming A Part Of The Online Community

One of the greatest shifts that social media is experiencing at a rapid rate is a change in focus from using platforms to sell and advertise, and instead using them to communicate. The term ‘communicate’ is broad here, with some companies interpreting it to mean a higher level of customer service and others offering recruitment…

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biddable world

Roundup: Biddable World, January 2014

This week Matt Goolding and I attended London’s Biddable World event, covering the major forms of biddable digital media (Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising, and Paid Search). This was a well organised and enjoyable event; even the most experienced of marketers will have found some useful information to take back to their agencies or in-house…

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