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twitter fundamentals

Back to Basics: Maximising Your Twitter Reach

Photo by USFWS Mountain-Prairie   A Guide to Attracting Interaction and Engagement on Twitter From a practical standpoint Twitter is the perfect medium for an organisation to reach out to its audience. Because it is essentially a live newsfeed of events and points of view that are followed by millions of users worldwide each second…

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porsche 911

A Cautionary Tale: The Streisand Effect

Porsche, Subaru and Barbara Streisand Thanks to social networks and websites like Reddit and YouTube empowering the consumer, power has been shifted away from brands. This means that companies must stay on their toes when managing customer issues, feedback and complaints. When mismanaged, or even worse, hidden from view, the resulting backlash can be devastating.…

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Laura#2_PS_MG_3787 copy

Joining The Ranks: Laura Devonald

This month we have taken on the wonderful Laura Devonald. She has become our Client Services Manager and will be in charge of keeping clients in the loop with all of our work. Laura will be reporting on all campaign progress, as well as helping us get the information we need from our clients in order…

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4 Ways to Beat the Commute & Maximise Productivity

I read an article in the Oxford Times on Monday night about the ludicrous journey times many of Oxford’s city based employees are experiencing. This isn’t just a problem we face in Oxford, but nationwide. Inner city house prices continue to soar and price many young people out of the market; which means the only…

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Happy Face

Happiness By Design: 20 Ways To Hack Your Hormones

Staying positive is one way that we can keep heading towards our ultimate quest for happiness. We can’t control some areas of life, but we can certainly influence our outlook on the world, which can help us to make better choices and create happiness by design. In this post, I explore 20 ways that you…

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wirehive collage

Zest Digital – WIREHIVE 100 WINNERS 2014

ZEST LANDS FASTEST GROWTH AWARD Last night Alex Minchin, James Lawler, Alex Quail and Matt Goolding made their way to Dorking in Surrey for the Wirehive 100 Awards – celebrating the achievements of the South East of England’s finest Digital Marketing Agencies. Zest Digital was nominated in the Fastest Growth category alongside Absolute Digital Media, boxChilli,…

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Social Promotion

Paid Social Within Your Content Marketing Strategy

  Incorporating Paid Social Promotion Organic search engine marketing is something that we specialise in here at Zest. We work to ensure that our clients’ web content is in the right place at the right time when people are searching for their product, service, or brand. This means developing a solid content strategy and creating…

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Project Management

Project Management & Digital Marketing Campaigns: An Overview

Project Managing Campaigns in a Digital World Firstly I would like to mention a little bit of my background. I studied project management whilst at University, and my work experience is heavily digitally involved. I have worked on digital projects whilst at University as well as for digital agencies. I have found the two aspects…

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Creative Brief

Client Briefing Days: Their Impact On Marketing Activity

Taking the time to get to know your clients, their products, their services and their ambitions is an invaluable tool when marketing their business. It doesn’t take much, it doesn’t take long and it helps to build further rapport with your client. Get To Know The Client’s Ambitions The first goal is to get to…

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Scottish flag

Scottish Referendum: The Lessons for PR

What we Learnt from the Referendum In what has been a monumental last few months in Scotland’s history, the nation finally held its referendum on whether it should break away from the United Kingdom – an idea which was rejected by 55% of the vote to 45%. A sizeable proportion of voters were declaring themselves…

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