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The event I attended with Zest Digital was great, the presentations were informative and I learnt a lot in a short space of time. After attending the event I came away knowing more about my business online and the steps I could take to make improvements.

Matt Thomas, Managing Director, North Court Investigations

Typical agenda

  • Arrival
  • Part 1
  • Short break
  • Part 2
  • Close

Learn how to grow your business online

In these workshops, we look at how businesses can benefit from an “always on” attitude to digital marketing. Each event focuses around a different digital channel and how it can help you to reach and engage more of your most valuable customers. Run by one or more of our specialists, they guarantee a morning of shared experiences from the people who work in that area of digital every day.

If you’ve ever been to our workshops before, you’ll know how much value we pack into a morning. Whilst others are idling over yesterday’s emails and procrastinating over what to do today, we hope that you’ll join us for a morning of learning and development to help grow your leads and fuel your business growth.

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