Our invite-only dinner event


Thanks so much to Zest for hosting a wonderful dinner with great company, wine, and an excellent speaker. It was an enjoyable evening and it’s lovely to feel valued as a client.

Philip Smith / Mallams Auctioneers

Typical agenda

  • Arrive
  • Conversation
  • Supper is served
  • Guest Speaker
  • Coffee & teas
  • Close

Thought-provoking conversation and a guest speaker

Table is an exclusive dinner event for our partners, referrers, and clients. We usually invite no more than ten guests, including a guest speaker; someone with an interesting story or unique perspective to share with the table. Relax in like-minded company, discuss your experiences running a business, and learn about some of the ways we’re helping our other clients to grow theirs.

We look to invite speakers who will challenge and broaden your thinking, enjoyed over a three or five-course meal and great company. This is our way of saying thank you to those who support us most.

Share knowledge, provoke thinking, and create conversations that go places. Why don’t you join us?