SEO should be viewed as one of the most crucial considerations for a new business/website. Every company or organisation that owns a web property should be interested in investing time and money into search engine optimisation. But unfortunately, people constantly overlook it due to not having accumulated knowledge surrounding SEO.

Search Engine Watch – How Search Engines Work

It can be very hard to explain the role of SEO because there are various factors that make an impact. The search engines are changing their algorithms constantly – Google updates their algorithm around 500 times per year, optimizes your pages and domain slightly to avoid traffic decrease. These again impact on traffic decrease with a result of a minor loss of 2-3 positions. Moreover, each and every site and business has a unique niche which demands a lot of study to be able to implement the best SEO strategy.

SEO is optimising a website for people who use search engines.

Everyone wants more traffic but what every business actually needs is to attract a relevant audience, successfully communicate their message, and then get their visitors to interact. The plan  should start by focusing on the message, content and creating an order for the deluge of traffic. A strategic plan can yield many answers to the business inquiry as well as for the leads.

So how do you stay on top of your SEO game?

Before you make any changes to your site, you need to know where you stand SEO wise. Find out if your content is visible to search engines. All the HTML content is easily recognizable, h owever, images like Java applets, Flash files and other non-text content are nearly invisible to search engines. Make sure your elements are visible to the spiders to achieve the aimed result.
The next step you have to follow  is to find out how you measure up to your competitors.

Another way to see where you stand is to improve your SEO by evaluating your target audience. Find out more about them: for example, what age and sex they are, and where they are based. All of this data will tell you what your audience really needs and by this you could assess if you are fulfilling their needs and expectations.

But what do business owners really need?  

  • Link building – named by others “relationship building”, you can transition your
  • Contacts, partners and customers into link opportunities
  • Co-branded linkbait – provide additional link opportunities by cooperating with industry leaders and partners.
  • Conversion testing for websites
  • Domain and anchor text optimisation
  • Page optimisation
  • Setting up a social network that’s connected and actively engaged with your domain and brand which can affect your business’s sales funnel. Social mentions can also further the outreach in Organic Search results.
  • Strong content – after the update of Google panda, quality content with regular updates is the most important part of a website; many site’s ranking drops because of low quality content and backlinks. You need really great content to create leads and generate engagement.
  • Monitoring and making sure each aspect of your strategy works in conjunction with the other moving parts
  • You can also implement some off site SEO tactics like PR marketing business networking, all of which in time, may help with your search engine position

SEO should never be viewed as a cost but as an investment.

Investing in good SEO strategy is a must have priority to support your goals and objectives and to help position your business. Overall, it will be the case that these activities will increase your rankings to your site and will help build your visibility and virality. SEO is always changing at a rapid pace, keeping us on our toes – one of the many reasons we love working in this industry.