mark robinson - zests  digital strategistHere I am sat at my desk attempting to write a blog post introducing myself that will be both captivating and enchanting. Sadly I’ve just realised I’m not a quick-witted wordsmith here to deliver fine content marketing; I’m Mark, Zest’s new digital strategist.

So how did I end up here? Like many people in marketing, I was in sales (cue pantomime hiss). After a degree in Art many years ago I found myself drawn to print and gravitated towards design. Back then people used Quark, technology was beginning to heavily influence the industry, and Mark Zuckerberg was probably still in high school! I took a chance and joined a print management agency working my way from telesales to account director via a few twists and turns which thankfully taught me a great deal about sales and marketing. Over ten years I worked with some amazing clients, from unknown startups to some of the UK’s biggest known brands.

Move things forward a few years and Mr Zuckerberg had created Facebook, social media and digital marketing is booming and most businesses need to be visible across all channels. Print spend was in decline and my interests had moved to marketing and more specifically commercial success using this black art. Turns out this can also be called ‘strategy’ so here I am, joining the digital revolution and bringing my experience to the team at Zest.

When I’m not trying to analyse campaign metrics against goals I like to cook and entertain, fancying myself as some kind Michelin chef, although some of my efforts and experiments are more Little Chef. I’m also partial to a good night out and really enjoy going to gigs and seeing bands, although my advancing years mean I typically have to limit this to the weekends! If the sun is shining there’s no place better than the beaches of Cornwall, donning a wetsuit and going for a surf attempting to surf.