Earlier this month, Sarah Yousaf joined us for two weeks as part of the Didcot Girls’ School work experience programme. At the end of her time with us, here’s what she had to say:

I chose to do my work experience at Zest because I would like a career in computing when I’m older and I wanted to get a taste of it. I’ve already done my IT GCSE and I did very well.

For my work experience I was tasked with planning and creating a website. I hadn’t expected this because I had no idea where to begin and it sounded very advanced.

James, the operations director, got me started by showing me how to plan the website.

Planning and research

I had to choose a topic, my goals for the website, and a brief, as well as design a site plan. I chose to make a website reviewing MAC lipsticks and lipgloss called MAC INFO. I went through this idea with Lloyd, the digital designer, who then helped me with the site plan and told me about keyword research.

One of the digital marketing executives, Farah, showed me the tools to use to find keywords for my website.

I enjoyed making a site plan because I got to choose what my website would look like. I would have preferred to do more practical tasks instead of writing or keyword research but I understand how important these are for a website.

Designing the website

Making the actual website was really fun because I got to use new software and programs and I had control over what I wanted to be included.

Tom and Louis worked with me on the designing bit. Tom, the content marketing executive, instructed me on the wording and copy for each of the pages. I learned about writing for the web, which is different to other kinds of writing.

Technical executive Louis helped me to sort out my theme and colours and find my way around WordPress, so that I could put my site together.

work experience with zest sarah yousaf

My experiences

Overall, the best thing I did was actually make the website. I thought you had to write a lot of code but WordPress made it seem much simpler than that (but still long and complicated). I’m surprised I actually managed to do it because I thought it would take ages to make a website (maybe months) and it’s quite an advanced thing to do.

I want a career in web design rather than coding and working here I mostly concentrated on web design, which was very helpful. I learned so many new things that I never knew before and which I can use in the future such as using WordPress to create websites.

Zest is a great place to work as it is a very chilled and relaxed environment. I would like to work there as the team is very friendly and always willing to help and give advice.

It was a great experience and it made me want to work with computers even more.


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