Our methodology

We’ll save you the generic agency venn diagram. Instead, we’d like to introduce you to OSKAR, our beautifully simple and unique methodology for growing your revenue.

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OSKAR was designed to be robust, transparent, accountable, and beautifully simple.

We believe that successful marketing is the cumulative progress achieved from running a series of tests.

There must be a clearly defined objective supported by simple strategic principles that keeps results and actions focused.

The big objective is broken down into micro-goals; manageable key actions and results measured against clear KPIs that take you closer towards success.

Objective(s), Strategy, Key Actions and Results. Otherwise known as OSKAR.

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1. Objective(s)

We work to clearly defined, 100% quantifiable, objective(s). As a result, we can both maintain absolute focus and clarity on how we’re performing.

To help set your objectives we recommend using our interactive Growth Calculator to forecast your potential revenue growth from improvements to your traffic and conversions.

We believe that these are the two metrics that matter in digital and our whole team is geared to deliver on them.

This is what SMART objectives looks like:

  • Improve rank positions for ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ and keyword variations (current #77, monthly search volume: 2,400) - 01/11 to 30/04
  • Improve rank positions to 1-5 for ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ and keyword variations (current #13, monthly search volume: 880) - 01/12 to 28/02
  • Decrease [Page] bounce rate from 74% to 45% to increase active sessions by 330 readers per month 01/09 - 31/12

2. Strategy

The best strategies are simple. They can be understood easily and recalled without having to sift through pages of fluff.

We treat strategy as the guiding principles that ensure the work we’re doing is focused on the objective(s) and not random achievement.

Here are some examples of strategies:

  • Focus on mobile users first
  • Target customers in London
  • Focus on Product Category A

3. Key Actions & Results

Objective(s) are broken down into key actions and results that our teams work towards to move you closer to your goals.

Every action that we take therefore has purpose, contributing towards a smaller goal. When these small wins are aligned to a strategy, they compound to turn your objective(s) into reality.

Here are some examples KARs:

  • Rank in positions 1-3 nationally (currently 8th) for 'Your Keyword' by 01/08
  • Reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) average for Product Set A by 25% from £25 to £18.75 by 30/09
  • Increase search visibility from 5% to 10% between 01/03-30/09
  • Increase click-through rate (CTR) from Product Category to Product Page by 35% by 31/10
  • Reduce average product page speed by 58.3% from 6 seconds to 2.5 seconds by 31/05
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First class dedicated account management

We believe that if your business grows, we’ll grow with you. That’s why we provide dedicated account management free of charge.

You will benefit from reports tailored specifically to your objective(s) and key results. We’ll report, consistently, on the metrics that matter.

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We have a 95% client retention rate

An average client lifetime of 37 months ​highlights the trust and value we can offer your business.​​​ We’re all about long-term relationships, our client feedback loops allow us to constantly monitor and improve our service.

To top it all off our live data dashboards, customised to your goals, means that we can report to you on what matters most.

To see if we’re a good fit for each other, speak to our partnerships team today.

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