Proving online lead generation viability through PPC

Paid advertising, landing page development and optimisation


Adlens are a global enterprise leading the way in the development and sale of adjustable focus eyewear. Adlens are based in Oxford, Tokyo, and Boston.

Adlens commissioned Zest to prove that online channels were a viable source of leads for a new product range. This was to support a direct-to-consumer model that broke away from their traditional routes to market through third-party vendors that reduce margin.

Leads generated within 30-days


Growth in social following


Reduction in cost per lead over a 30-day period


We were asked to create and execute a strategy to generate leads through online channels.


We identified PPC as the best route to market, and deployed five landing pages to direct users to, each focused on driving data capture.

Our team tracked landing page performance to identify key drivers such as specific illnesses (diabetes, presbyopia) and general activity-based uses such as using computers as part of a day job. This gave absolutely clear and attributable data to the client who could adjust their messaging and targeting appropriately.

Our detailed tracking revealed insights about the client’s audience, debunking previously held beliefs and allowing them to make informed business decisions. By monitoring activity by device closely, we were able to make tweaks to the campaign such as adding subtitles to a video so that the message was not lost on mobile users.


The results far exceeded our client’s expectations. For a new product with absolutely no historical data to go on, we successfully generated 474 conversions within the short test period. In addition, we grew social following by 455%.

The test has made the client realise the viability of a direct-to-consumer business model and they are now investing heavily into a new website, using the learnings from this test to guide them.


“Results achieved were nothing short of staggering. Zest generated hundreds of leads in a very short space of time and provided insights into our customers and their online habits that we’ll be able to use in future business decisions. We look forward to our continued work together.”


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