How we more than doubled the conversion rate and grew enquiries by 288%

Dove Steel Doors shifted their business direction from an off the shelf product to a bespoke fabrication service. Our role as their digital marketing partner was to help them transition through this period with a new strategy, website build and paid advertising campaign.

dove portfolio iphones - Dove Steel Doors


Our primary objective was to increase total conversion rate % through the new website while accommodating the changes to the client’s service offering. The website is Dove’s key marketing channel so improvements had to be carefully planned and considered.


We knew that traffic share was healthy, from the data and insights collected over the years that we have been working with Dove. The mission was to convert that traffic into paying customers.

The old website was letting the user down, and many could-be-customers were dropping out part way through the journey, and not making contact with the Dove team. Our strategy was to clearly define a user journey and optimise the layout of the product pages, so a user was clear on how to make a decision and get in touch. We knew the product would sell itself, so this first touch was hugely important.

dove wireframe homepage - Dove Steel Doors


Throughout the project period, extensive updates to the Dove website were undertaken including;

  • a completely updated user interface
  • revised branding
  • photography updates
  • a newly optimised user journey

We found that users from most sources were dropping off from product pages due to the weak user experience and unclear calls to action. Around 75% of users were not reaching a conversion on key product pages. This was due to non optimised page content and incorrect ‘buy now’ phrasing.

The main area of our focus centred around the product pages. The service that Dove provides is a completely bespoke solution and no two doors are the same. The previous website did not allow for this custom offering and was not suited to the business model.

Instead of asking a user to buy a door we asked them to enter into a conversation with the Dove team via the Request a Quote button. This conversation led to more interactions and gave our client’s skilled team the ability to sell in a consultative way, meaning that more value could be delivered prior to purchase.


Dove Steel Doors launched their new website and reaped huge commercial benefits from users converting into paying customers.

  • 124%increase in conversion rate
  • 288%increase in total goal conversions
  • 837%increase in paid goal completions

“The Zest team were instrumental in taking our business to the next level through their knowledge and data-driven approach. They proactively pitched their ideas, proved their case, and our investment in them has paid off beyond our expectations.”

Adam Marston, General Manager, Dove Steel Doors

  • 124%increase in conversion rate vs previous period
  • 288%increase in conversions vs previous year
  • 837%increase in PPC conversions

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