Delivering 1400% growth in online ecommerce orders

Latham’s Steel Doors supplies a large range of stock and custom-made galvanised steel doorsets for trade customers and the general public throughout the UK.

In the five years we have worked with them, we have reduced their cost per conversion by 70% and have achieved a compounded growth of online orders by over 1,400%.

lathams mobile hero - Latham's Steel Doors


We were tasked with restructuring the current Adwords campaign and exploring the potential of additional paid channels whilst improving % return on advertising spend (ROAS).

lathams door manufacture line - Latham's Steel Doors


Due to the competitive nature of the market, we have always strived for as much Google real estate as possible. Latham’s led the way in the paid results, map pack, and organic listings. One unexplored channel was Google Shopping. With a cost-effective product and an eCommerce store already in place, the client was primed to test this channel.

The competitive market also meant that customers wouldn’t always order on their first visit. To re-engage lapsed users, we decided to create a remarketing campaign to assist conversions further down the purchasing cycle.

remarketing ad mockup - Latham's Steel Doors
lathams mobile mockup - Latham's Steel Doors


Optimising the Adwords campaign and the landing pages it linked to ensured the highest quality scores and conversions possible, increasing the visibility of — and traffic to — key shopping pages.

Remarketing kept the products front of mind and easily accessible to traffic with high buying intent. As a direct result of these tactics, the client experienced a significant 270% increase in conversions and a 480% return on advertising spend over this test period.

  • 270%Increase in conversions
  • 70%Reduction in cost per conversion
  • 480%Return on advertising spend

“Zest have been a instrumental partner in our growth, tying together our digital strategy and delivery, and producing a 1400% compounded return for over 4 years.”

Nick Attfield, Marketing Manager, Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets

  • 270%Increase in conversions
  • 70%Reduction in cost per conversion
  • 480%Return on advertising spend

How does a 480% return on your advertising spend sound?

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