Automation to save time and increase sales of fresh produce

Fresh Direct approached us to help them create a unified set of brand guidelines that could be used to develop a new website for Pauleys Fresh Produce, a business they had recently acquired.

We designed an interactive site providing live produce information and automated alerts to reduce manual involvement and save time for both Fresh Direct and its customers. We accompanied this with a set of new brand guidelines and font and icon sets to support the Pauleys brand, increase site engagement, and assist external marketing efforts.

fresh direct pauleys logo arrangement isolated - Pauleys Fresh Produce
fresh direct pauleys mobile mockup isolated - Pauleys Fresh Produce


The brief was to produce a set of refreshed brand assets that helped customers identify which crops were in and out of season. These would then be incorporated into a new web experience, the aim of which was to inform Pauleys customers of the seasonal status of regularly ordered fruits and vegetables. The team were spending manual time updating each crop report and this was draining up to three hours a week.

freshdirect pauleys home mockup - Pauleys Fresh Produce
freshdirect pauleys crop report mockup - Pauleys Fresh Produce
fresh direct pauleys mobile mockup - Pauleys Fresh Produce


We planned to bring Pauleys’ existing brand heritage in line with Fresh Direct’s and use the resulting guidelines to create everything from typefaces, photos and guidelines to 25 vibrant new fruit and vegetable illustrations that could be used cross-media.

We researched typical user questions and combined these with the client’s own data to create four core interactive areas for the new website — all branded using the new guidelines and designed to streamline their existing processes.

fresh direct pauleys logo arrangement - Pauleys Fresh Produce


A new Produce section, containing information on over 200 fruits and vegetables, provided essential information for Pauleys’ customers. Creative visual assets made these pages more engaging while providing Pauleys with a large library of resources. We also saved their team hours every week by automating the crop report update — triggering automatic emails straight to their customers’ inboxes.

The addition of an easy-to-use careers portal meant Pauleys could advertise vacancies much more quickly and efficiently, helping them to find and secure the talent they needed to grow their business.

fresh direct pauleys fruit veg two - Pauleys Fresh Produce
fresh direct pauleys fruit veg one - Pauleys Fresh Produce
fresh direct pauleys veg box - Pauleys Fresh Produce
  • A saving of 150+ hours per year through automation
  • Stand out branding in a competitive market

“The new website reflects the Pauleys brand as we imagined it to be, and the automated crop reports will save us hours and hours of, what used to be, manual work.”

Mark Flint, Marketing Manager, Fresh Direct

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