Planning for digital marketing success

Every Thursday at 2pm, and Friday at 11am BST/GMT

34 min

In this webinar, we’ll walk through a typical user journey and how to focus on key areas that will help you to maximise your results.

The most common traits of a poorly run digital marketing campaign is simple; no clear objectives, no evidence-based strategy, guesswork tactics, lack of measuring (the right things), and a poor feedback mechanism for things learned along the way.

We’ll cover off our methodology and how we continue to deliver successful campaigns for our clients over and over again. We’ll share our recipe with you, explaining the importance of each stage along the way, so that you can start seeing better results from today.

  • Why your current digital marketing ‘package’ is failing your business
  • How you can start hitting your objective(s) more often
  • Why testing and a reliable feedback system delivers results time and time again
video - Webinar: Planning for digital marketing success [34 mins]

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