Relationship Agreement

Relationships are important to us, and we like to make sure that we get off to a good start by outlining some of our expectations from the get go. This way, there are no huffs and puffs or nasty surprises.


The following term(s) below shall have the following meaning(s):

“Customer” means the organisation or person who purchases services from the Supplier.

“Supplier” means Zest Digital Ltd, 1-3 Kings Meadow, Osney Mead, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX2 0DP.


Like any other relationship, we need to establish a level of mutual respect as your digital partner. Here is what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us:

  • If the Customer requires an urgent turnaround, please prefix your message with ‘URGENT’. We will seek to respond within three (3) working hours. Please note a charge of £150 per hour (minimum charge of one hour) will apply as a rush charge in addition to any associated quote. We apply a rush charge to protect our team from everything being urgent. If it’s urgent, we’re here to help. If it’s poor planning on your part, you respect that we will be dropping other work (that doesn’t go away) to help you out.
  • The Customer will provide feedback to the Supplier within three (3) business days. If you require a longer turnaround, you should notify us of this within one (1) business day so that we can plan around it.
  • If you would like a designer, technician, or other specialist present in a meeting, we consider this valuable consulting time and we will charge for their time.
  • Specialists within our team are our billable resource. We do not stock products or sell licenses. Occasionally there is confusion about billing when a client calls to request something and then is surprised to receive an invoice. To be clear, if you ask for us to accomplish something for you, we’ll do it and our work is billable.
  • We’re glad to provide free estimates for any future projects you’re considering. An estimate is a high-level analysis of how much time it would take for us to plan, design/develop, and test your project, and they usually take a couple hours for us to put together. Because they do not involve in-depth analysis, estimates are non-binding. If you decide to move forward, the final cost may be different from the estimate. Estimates are free.
  • We expect a decision maker to be present in all physical meetings where possible to avoid miscommunication. This is especially true when discussing a project, strategy, or contractual agreement. If a decision maker cannot attend, we ask for early notification so that we can rearrange to an appropriate time.
  • You can expect the best from us. We’re by no means perfect and we will, occasionally, make mistakes. If there is one thing we know we do well, it’s putting in the extra to make things right.
  • We will challenge you. We’re not here to take orders – there are cheaper agencies out there who do this. We’re here to help you solve your challenges and to reach your objectives, and that means becoming passionate about those things and offering a different perspective. If we think you’re blinded/crazy/smart/creative/genius, we’ll tell you.