Educating and engaging a new generation of young investors

We were commissioned by the multi-award winning Nutmeg Investment to tell a story about one of their products or services with the aim of engaging a new generation of investors.

With the football season looming and the Rugby World Cup around the corner, we worked to tell stories about how investing was like picking a season-winning fantasy football squad. Does one play it safe with the stalwart midfielder, or could the unknown South-American striker pay dividends? The choice is yours…


The brief was simple but highly relevant, with UK savings on the decline and on course to be at an all-time low according to the Financial Times. Nutmeg are leading the way with their approach to making investing and saving accessible to those without the knowledge or time to devote to growing their future wealth.

The objective was to remove fears and make investing easier to understand for those who fear or shy away from this really important part of life planning.


Inspired by Nutmeg’s audience personas and the impending fantasy football season, we decided to produce a microsite about how picking a successful fantasy football team was like choosing a well-rounded investment portfolio.

Illustrations would lift the design and make it more relatable, with creative copy making the connection to investing: buy safe and build steady, or take a risk on an unknown and win or lose big.


The resulting microsite was incredibly interactive — a significant achievement for any financial advice site. The experiment drove engagement from a new generation of young savers and was so successful that we repeated it for the Rugby World Cup.

“Zest’s creative approach enabled us to tackle a subject most young savers avoid by aligning it with one they can’t get enough of.”

Steve Desmond, Head of Marketing, Nutmeg Investment

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