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Pay Per Click (PPC) should deliver your business predictable revenue each and every day. We use advanced methods beyond just basic box-ticking management, and deliver results to your optimal Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) target.


We work with businesses who want a PPC agency to take them to the next level. We look to automate many of the things that other agencies waste your valuable budget on, freeing up time to think strategically and getting you the best bang for your buck. This all starts with clearly defined objectives that sets the focal point for what we do.

We begin with clearly defined SMART objectives a bit like these:

  • Increase PPC Conversions by 15% to >29 (01/09/2018-30/11/2018) and aim for 12% increase on previous 90 days (increasing from 77 to 89)
  • Reduce CPA to <£50 between 01/09/2018 - 30/11/2018 to move towards goal of £31 to achieve 12-month Conversion goal (01/10/2018 - 31/12/2018)
  • Achieve an average of 170 conversions through the XXXXX account per month (01/10/2018 - 31/12/2018)

Growth Plan

We begin all paid media campaigns with a comprehensive Growth Plan for your business. This contains the roadmap to the results that you want to achieve. We like to keep it simple, breaking down your objective(s) into smaller goals, measuring progress along the way, and adjusting as necessary.

Analysis of your current account or market

We will recommend and execute a number of exercises such as a PPC account audit, competitor analysis, and user persona research. These benchmark your PPC performance, prioritising quick wins and positive growth.

Marketing built on testing

We don’t know what you don’t know, until we know… if you know! That’s why you will benefit from a plan tailored specifically to your business, and not some Gold, Silver, Bronze one-size-fits-nobody offering. We run a continuous series of tests, optimising and scaling those that work, and learning from and killing off those that fail.

Activities mapped out against key results

Our unique OSKRA system breaks down your main objectives into smaller and more tangible goals, each with clear KPIs and focused actions assigned. Once you experience our system in action, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your marketing without it.

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Focused on growing your revenue

We’re different because we have invested in developing proprietary systems and processes that moves us away from talking about tasks and tactics, and instead focuses the conversation on revenue growth – the bit that you (should) care about.

Growth Campaign

Once your Growth Plan has been created, our PPC agency team will get to work. We only employ (or develop) PPC specialists who have a deep knowledge of the platforms and channels, far beyond the surface. This means scripts, automations, complex spreadsheets, and – most importantly – a competitive advantage for your business.

SMART Objectives, always

If you’re frustrated with a lack of accountability, then look no further. We can’t stand a woolly goal, and so everything we do will be crystal clear and measurable, and reported on consistently.

Key Results & Activities

Working together, we will create a strategic plan to optimise each part of your paid media campaigns, focused around delivering true revenue growth and profitability for your business. No task is without purpose.

Teamwork makes the dream work

When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from a multi-skilled team as opposed to any one individual. In addition, we have all the training, processes, systems, dashboards, spreadsheets, scripts, and more in place to put your investment to best use.

1st class account management

As a client of Zest, you’ll benefit from complimentary account management. Our Account Managers will build a deep understanding of your business and your target audience. We believe that if you grow, we’ll grow too. It’s really that simple.

A PPC agency focused on growing your revenue

We’re committed to delivering revenue growth for your business. This means delivering higher quality traffic at the best click cost possible, with ad copy testing and account automations in place to deliver the optimum Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), consistently and predictably.

Low risk, high reward

Just when you think this is too good to be true, we tell you that our minimum term is just three-months, and then our agreement is rolling thereafter. No more long PPC agency agreements based on zero results. No more false promises once the honeymoon is over. We earn your business from month-to-month.

Not just an SEO agency

Zest is built around increasing the volume and quality of website traffic, and growing the number of those visitors who convert into opportunities. We have all the skills in-house to deliver results from traffic to conversion, and the support teams in project and account management to deliver an exceptional customer service.

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