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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an extremely valuable channel when optimised correctly. Your customers are using keywords to search for your products and services, and you’ll want to be there when they do. Our SEO specialists are proven to send high quality traffic to your most valuable landing pages.


We partner with businesses to achieve specific and measurable SEO objectives. From ranking for the most lucrative keywords in your market, to recovering your website from a penalty, we’re a specialist SEO agency that works to clear objectives with tangible outcomes.

We begin with clearly defined SMART objectives a bit like these:

  • Improve rank positions for ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ and keyword variations (current #77, monthly search volume: 2,400) - 01/11 to 30/04
  • Improve rank positions to 1-5 for ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ and keyword variations (current #13, monthly search volume: 880) - 01/12 to 28/02
  • Decrease [Page] bounce rate from 74% to 45% to increase active sessions by 330 readers per month 01/09 - 31/12
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Model out your growth using SEO.

Growth Plan

We begin all SEO campaigns by creating a comprehensive Growth Plan for your business. This acts as a roadmap to provide absolute transparency as to how we will achieve your goals, breaking down your objective(s) into smaller goals.

Analysis of your current performance
We will recommend and execute a number of exercises such as keyword research, competitor analysis, and technical SEO audits. These benchmark your search performance and helps to prioritise the most important improvements and quick wins.
Creating a strategy that grows your business
Working together, we will create a strategic plan that is focused on delivering tangible commercial results and revenue growth. Our team will focus on your highest margin products or services, targeting key audiences to deliver profitable results.
Activities mapped out against key results
Our unique OSKRA system breaks down your main objectives into smaller and more tangible milestones, each with clear KPIs and focused actions assigned.
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Specialists, not generalists

We’re different because we hire and develop SEO specialists who build a deeper T-shaped knowledge of their discipline. So when your brand needs SEO services, you can be sure that you’re getting SEO specialists and not generalist digital marketers with a broad but shallow knowledge.

Growth Campaign

Once your Growth Plan has been created, our SEO team will get to work. We only employ (or develop) SEO specialists who have a deep understanding and command of their craft. This means our team go beyond the surface of SEO, delivering a competitive advantage through their understanding of search engines.

SMART Objectives, always
What sets us apart from others is that we don’t hide behind fluffy goals. We’ll work together with you to define what your objective is, and we’ll report progress consistently against it. We don’t promise #1 results – steer clear of those that do – but we have the tools and experience to accurately forecast what is possible and how we can achieve measurable results for your business.
Key Results & Activities
Working together, we will create a strategic plan that is built around delivering tangible commercial results and revenue growth as your SEO agency. Our team will focus on your highest margin products or services, targeting key audiences to deliver profitable results.
Teamwork makes the dream work
When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from a multi-skilled team as opposed to a single individual. This means more brainpower, stronger problem-solving ability, better communication, and faster results. Of course, this means that we’re not suited to working with everyone.
1st class account management
As a client of Zest, you’ll benefit from complimentary account management. Our Account Managers are here to build a deep understanding of your business and a lasting relationship that delivers continuous growth. We believe that if you grow, we grow. It’s really that simple.
Revenue growth through SEO
We’re committed to delivering revenue growth for your business. We’re not about low-value box ticking. Instead, we’ll work with you to calculate and forecast exactly what SEO can mean for your business in monetary terms.
Low risk, high reward
Just when you think this is too good to be true, we tell you that our minimum term is just three-months, and then our agreement is rolling thereafter. No more 12-month SEO agreements. No more fast starts and frustrating ends. We want to earn your business month after month.
Not just an SEO agency
Our business is built around increasing the volume and quality of your traffic, and increasing the number of those visitors who convert into an opportunity or sale for your business. We have all the skills in-house to make this happen across our Traffic Acquisition and Conversion Optimisation teams, and the support teams in project and account management to deliver service at the highest quality.

See how improving your website traffic and conversions can grow your revenue

  • Input your current data from Google Analytics
  • Use our interactive calculator to design your future
  • Get your return on investment report
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What’s a second opinion worth to your business?

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